Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Release Day!!!!

To continue with our Week O'Jules and to celebrate the release of her new book, From Boardroom to Wedding Bed?, I will be reviewing for your reading pleasure, Love in Bloom.
Claire Wilson's life was never more promising. She has a boyfriend and a budding career as a nature photographer.....until a tragic accident robs her of her sight.
Jackson Akers is a single father hired to landscape her yard, no matter how rude and irritating his client is he plans to see the project through to the end. When he learns of Claire's blindness his creative mind kicks into high gear.
Will Claire appreciate the heavily scented flowers and plants, the trickling waterfalls and textured paths Jackson made for her? Claire has shut out the world, but has Jackson found a way in?

This book begins with the tragic accident that robs Claire of her sight and a small boy of his life. The doctors feel that Claire's loss of sight is due to the trauma of the accident and not an actual injury, and will return with therapy. Claire feels that she deserves to be blind because she took the life of a small child, even though the accident was not her fault, and refuses therapy as a way to punish herself. Claire's best friend hires Jackson to do the landscaping at her cottage in the hopes that it will draw Claire out of the exile that she has placed herself in.

Jackson is a single father with problems of his own. It's not bad enough that he keeps losing babysitters left and right but now his ex-wife has come back into the picture after 5 years of no contact and wants custody of the daughter that she abandoned.

Jackson and Claire get off to a rocky start because she would prefer that he not be there and he won't walk away from the job. Jackson can't seem to leave Claire alone and eventually they start a friendship with some flirting thrown in. While Jackson finally talks Claire into seeing a therapist, she helps him with dealing with the upcoming custody battle. Their relationship builds over time and is really beautiful to watch. Everything works out in the end like a good love story should, Jackson gets custody of his daughter, Claire gets her eyesight back and they live happily ever after.

This book will grab you by the heart from the beginning and it won't let go. If you want to believe in love again this is a book that you want to pick up. It was a great read and I would gladly recommend it to anyone. I give this book 4 chocolate dipped strawberries.
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