Friday, November 5, 2010

Foxy Friday

Can you believe it! It’s November! I said November people! How did that happen? I’m so not a fan of cold weather but at least it gives me a chance to catch up on my reading. Like that’s ever gonna happen! This week I’m gonna off road it and tell you about a series I chose on my own! Did I choose this series cause the covers were cool? Why yes I did! Which turned out to be an excellent idea, because I loved these books. What am I talking about you ask? The Accidental Demon Slayer series by Angie Fox. There are three out so far and I have read the first two. Number three is in my sights!

The Accidental Demon Slayer, Angie Fox, Love Spell, July 2008

Meet Gertie, Lizzie’s biker witch grandma. She just showed up outside of Lizzie’s bathroom door to tell her that she has the gift of being the next demon slayer and that there is a demon about to pop out of her toilet. Did I mention her dog can now talk? After the show down in the bathroom, Lizzie is forced to go on the run with her grandma Gertie and her biker gang the Red Skulls. Turns out there is a demon trapped in the fifth layer of hell and he’s about ready to break out and Lizzie is the only one that can stop him. Lizzie is going to get a crash course in demon slaying, witchcraft and wardrobe management (compliments of Freida). Toss into the mix a hot guy named Dimitri who shows up and claims he’s there to help train and protect her. Did I mention he was hot and can shift into a griffin? No, well he is and he can! But no one quite trusts Dimitri. Does he have another motive for wanting Lizzie trained and safe? I’m not telling! Read the book! Along the way she learns to handle her weapon of choice, a switch star. She also learns to not ask questions about all the weird stuff the Red Skulls conjure up in empty jars. She handles all this while being on the run and riding on the back of her grandma’s Harley with her talking dog. In the end she travels to the 5th layer of hell, defeats the demon, meets her mother, finds out if Dimitri can be trusted and is given the opportunity to give up her slayer powers.

What will she choose? Again, I’m not gonna tell you! Go read the book!

I give this book 4 chocolate dipped strawberries, and throw in a glass of wine cause let’s face it, going to hell is a lot of work!

Have a great weekend all!
Lizzie is single, a preschool teacher at Happy Hands Preschool, owns a terrier named Pirate and since she is adopted is about to meet her grandma for the first time. Her life is organized beyond belief. Leave the house without a list? Never! Life runs on schedule with no surprises, right down to her Gap kakis, white button down shirt and sensible shoes. But tonight is her birthday. She has a super cute dress on and a date with the hot guy from the gym. What could go wrong?
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