Friday, January 21, 2011

Freezing Friday

This is my least favorite time of the year....winter. I hate cold weather and I hate being cold. Know what I hate even more? SNOW! The wretched white stuff that falls from the sky! The only joy I can find it the white stuff is that I can stay inside and read. This whole cold thing is just painful for us summer people. I would rather be reading by the pool or on the beach with an adult beverage. This week I'm gonna share with you another story by G.A. Aiken cause I'm loving this series.

About A Dragon by G.A. Aiken

For Nolwenn witch Talaith, a bad day begins with being dragged bed by an angry mob intent on her crispy end and culminates in rescue by--wait for it-- a silver maned dragon. Existence as a hated outcast is nothing new for a woman with such powerful secrets. The dragon, though? A tad unusual. This one has a human form to die for, and knows it. According to dragon law, Talaith is now his property, for pleasure...or otherwise. But if Lord Arrogance thinks she's the kind of damsel to acquiesce without a word, he's in for a surprise....

Is this woman never silent? Briec the Mighty knew the moment he laid eyes on Talaith that she would be his, but he'd counted on tongue-lashings of an altogether different sort. It's embarrassing, really, that it isn't this outspoken female's Magicks that have the realm's greatest dragon in her thrall. No, Briec has been spellbound by something altogether different--and if he doesn't tread carefully, what he doesn't know about human women could well be the undoing of his entire race....

This book had me laughing so many times I lost count. Talaith really doesn't ever shut up unless they are having amazing sex! This whole series is great and who doesn't love dragons that can shift into a hot guy? I mean really!

I give this story 4 chocolate dipped stawberries and a gag cause sometimes you just gotta be quiet! Have a great week everyone and stay safe on the roads when the white stuff from the sky falls. I would also like to note that there is no snow in hell. Just saying hand basket buddies! I'll be by the lake of fire working on my tan!

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