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A Good Series With or Without My Review

Hello. It's Shari here... I get the honor of kicking off our Diversity Week! So I am posting a review on a book that you will see is diverse in a few ways.  Enjoy!
Without Reservations: With or Without, Book 1BOOK ONE: WITHOUT RESERVATION
Sometimes love just catches you by the tail…
Chayton Winston is a veterinarian. He is also a werewolf. Much to his Native American parents chagrin, he has always dreamed of a fair-haired, Caucasian mate. However, he never imagined his mate would be male. As a heterosexual man, he’s not quite sure what to do with a male mate, but more than willing to find out.
Keaton Reynolds wakes up, in wolf form, and finds himself with a mate. He’s instantly attracted, but not so thrilled to find out the man is straight. Having been in a relationship once before where his partner professed to be “Not gay” left a bad taste in his mouth. Keaton wants to make a break for it and pretend he never set eyes on Chay—but Chay is not ready to let him go.
Together the two work to solidify their shaky relationship and battle the prejudices against homosexuals. Chay must deal with not only his mother’s prejudices against gay men but also her hatred of white people. When a power struggle in Keaton’s pack threatens Keaton’s life, the two men learn to depend on one another and their relationship to get them through it.
Don’t knock reading gay romance until you have tried it. From the first one that I ever picked up to the 100 after I haven’t been disappointed unless the author was a total wash.  J. L. Langley isn’t one of those authors. Her With or Without series is fabulous. Who could ever resist reading a shifter series and these Native American men are hot? In the tribe being “fair skinned” is not accepted in fact even being a little on the light side is reason to turn your back.
Chay has always wanted his “true mate” and doesn’t want to settle for anything else. Finding your true mate is a rare occurrence in his tribe but Chay is willing to wait to find the other half of his soul. When an injured white wolf is brought into his clinic, Chay knows that he has found her. Imagine his surprise when he pulls the cover back during the examine and discovers that his mate isn’t a she but a he! Hilarious!!!! Chay is not one to turn his back on his true mate (even though he considers it) so he takes him home to help him heal and get to know each other.  Keaton on the other hand is gay and doesn’t want to deal with another lover who claims not to be gay. He leaves Chay to head back to his own apartment. Chay is not willing to give in especially when someone wants to kill his mate. On top of everything else, Chay has to deal with the prejudice of not only having a “fair skinned” mate but also a “male mate” on top of it. Even his own mother turning her back on him doesn’t stop him from trying to build a life with Keaton.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good shifter story.  It was a fast read because you really don’t want to put it down. I found myself searching my nook for the next book in the series and had to start it immediately.  I would give Without Reservation 5 chocolate dipped strawberries. And would suggest that you just go ahead and buy the next book in the series “With Caution” at the same time.
With Caution: With or Without, Book 2A brother’s vow. A lover’s promise. Both could put them all at deadly risk.
Remington Lassiter is trying his best to stay out of trouble while he learns the ropes of being a werewolf. When his little brother turns up covered in bruises, he is driven to finally bring their abusive father to justice. To do it, he must face a past he hides behind his cocky, trouble-making attitude. A past so dark it haunts him only in dreams.
Jake Romero, a crack private investigator with a bad-boy biker image, realizes he has his work cut out for him when Remi asks for his help. From the first moment he turned Remi into a werewolf in order to save his life, Jake has been fighting to keep his inner demons at bay. He’s torn between the desire to tell Remi they are destined to be mates, and the need to first let Remi get used to the werewolf life.
Jake will do anything to protect Remi and help him break the cycle of abuse he has endured all his life, but his investigation is about to uncover something far more sinister and deadly than they ever imagined.
A past that could put all their lives at risk.
Book two in this series was better than book one.  I loved reading the first book but now Langley had developed the characters and the story line.  She brings not only the main characters but the supporting characters to life. The book is not just a happy love story like “Without Reservation”.  Remi’s is still being controlled and abused by his father and the unfolding of his life in this book is heartbreaking. Remi’s love for his younger brother is really the only thing that keeps him going. When we first meet Remi in “Without Reservation” you really don’t want to like him but as the story progresses and you find out what caused his rough exterior you can’t help but love him. Everyone roots for the underdog.
Jake on the other hand is all man and a dominate lover. You have got to love a dominate man. In fact that has to be my personal favorite type of lover.  Jake is trying desperately to hold back on this dominate nature because of Remi’s past. He wants to be with his “true mate” but struggles constantly.
The romance that develops between Jake and Remi is great!! You add a heartbreaking past that has deadly repercussions in the present and now you have a book you just can’t put down. It was the first time I went 6 miles on the treadmill and that is saying something.  I think that I burned 1000 calories with this book.  This book is definitely 5 chocolate dipped strawberries. 
With Abandon: With or Without, Book 3Look for the next book in the series to come on 3-22-11, “With Abandon”.
Reviewed by Shari
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