Monday, March 7, 2011

Deep Within My Heart

DEEP WITHIN MY HEART by Rie McGaha is completely unputdownable! I started the book this afternoon and finished it this evening. It had everything that you could want in a story—pirates and war and hurricanes, but most of all, it had an amazing love story.

The year is 1810 and 17-year-old Mary-Michael Murray has just lost her mother and now must make the journey from Ireland to the America's to live with her aunt. She is accompanied by her nurse Emma and, while nervous about going to an unknown country, she is excited for the adventure as well. After arriving in Philadelphia, Mary-Michael's aunt tells her that they are going to move to New Orleans. Her aunt is looking for a new start as well, after losing both her husband and son and is looking forward to the warmer climate in the south. Things go well for them in New Orleans, they find a house in the Garden District and start making the right connections to find a suitable husband for Mary-Michael…even if she doesn't want one.

Caleb Jordan wasn't even invited to the ball but as soon as he laid eyes on Mary-Michael, he knew he had to dance with her. As soon as she was in his arms, he knew he had to have her. One problem, Caleb Jordan is a pirate and a completely unsuitable husband for Mary. He leaves her after one dance but can't forget her.

This book covers many years and takes you from Ireland to New Orleans to an island in the West Indies and back to Ireland. The characters live through wars and hurricanes and childbirth. I fell in love with Caleb and think the author couldn't write a better hero. He was strong and loyal and you gotta love a man that will hunt you down in the middle of the ocean. And did I mention….HE'S A PIRATE!!!

I enjoyed the historical information that was included and felt that it helped move the story along. I became connected to these characters and wanted to keep reading more about their lives. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Ms. McGaha takes us back to Caleb and Mary-Michael's Island. I give Deep Within My Heart 5 chocolate dipped strawberries.
This book origianlly reviewed for, The Romance Reviews:
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