Friday, May 27, 2011

From London Friday

Yeah it’s Friday and a three day weekend! Hope everyone has fun plans ahead. I know I do. I’ll be hanging with my girlies enjoying the food, drink and kids. I have an AWESOME life! It’s a busy one but I wouldn’t have it any other way. June is crazy busy with the end of school activities for both kids, soccer (rec, all- star, travel, registration and camps), and life in general. Heading to DC with JJ on her 5th grade trip on Wednesday, and I am going to attempt to find Georgetown cupcakes and the Hard Rock Café. Wish me luck! I’ll take a book for the ride. I’m reading the Chronicles of Nick and it breaks my heart but I like it so far. Can’t wait to tell you about it when I’m done. But in honor of Cowboy week this is what I went with (thanks Jenn)….

Texas Two Step by Cat Johnson
It takes two to tango, but three to do the two-step with these Texas cowboys…
Londoner Maryann Morrissy finds the companionship she’s missing by making friends on the Internet with fellow rodeo fans in the States. Her fiancé Robert doesn’t understand her new obsession. His mocking is just one more thing in a long list that convinces Maryann he’s not the man for her. Perfect timing, because Maryann is flying to Texas where two rodeo cowboys are waiting to show her the ropes.
Annoyed he has to pick up his sister’s British online buddy from the airport, tie-down roper Wes Griffin drags his best friend Shooter with him. Misery loves company until Wes sees Maryann get off the plane. When her sexy accent makes his heart do the two-step, Wes begins to wish he’d kept Maryann all to himself because Shooter is just as intrigued.
After the nasty end to Maryann’s engagement, she’s ready to take both cowboys on, but is Wes willing to share?

Holy hog tying Batman! This short story was awesome! I’ve heard so much about Cat’s work from the other girls I jumped at the chance to read this for this week. Some short stories are rushed along and I think it takes skill to write a good short story and keep it moving. Cat soooo has this skill. It cracked me up that Maryann is from London and wants to come to Texas to meet the cowboys. Not that there’s anything wrong with Texas and cowboys but I’d love a trip to London (land of men with hot accents lol). After dumping her super cheater fiancé, Robert she is picked up at the airport by her friend Ellen’s brother Wes and his buddy Shooter. Neither one knows what to expect or what women from London to look like. They both have a picture of a chick in a long ugly dress with her hair in a tight bun like from the show The Nanny. Both men are pleasantly surprised when they get any eye full of Maryann. Shooter is along for the “ride” but Wes wants more. What will Maryann do with her newfound freedom? It’s hard for me to talk about the story without giving it away but you defiantly need to add this short story to your beach/pool bag. Then you can jump in the water to cool off!

I give this story 4 chocolate dipped strawberries and a belt buckle (read and find out)!

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