Monday, June 27, 2011


This was my first Elizabeth Amber novel as I had not read the earlier books in her Satyr series. It took me a while to figure out what type of world these characters lived in and I am still not sure I understand fully what the deal is with the Sickness that has overcome many dwellers of Else World forcing their migration to the realm where humans dwell and their intermingling with humans so that they can reproduce, but I definitely like her characters. Of the two main characters I believe the female heroine Evangaline Delacourte is the better developed. She is literally one of a kind and I found an immediate connection and believability to her story and experiences. I also loved how she adopted two orphan fey girls who are adorable. She is a strong, but vulnerable female protagonist. Dane her love interest is a troubled soul which is understandable considering his abduction at age 12. I tell you, I am always very hesitant about reading anything about child abuse or abduction. As a mother, it plays to your deepest nightmares and fears and you want to do anything to prevent the children (even if you rationally know they are only characters in a book) from being hurt emotionally or physically. It is very easy to turn me off completely by even having that a part of a story line, but Ms. Amber does a good job of allowing Dane’s and his brother Lucien’s abduction to play its role in the story without becoming so overwhelming and sad that I did not want to continue to read what happened next. The book left me wanting to know more about this world of hot Satyr brothers and Dane’s other brothers seem like they will make excellent main characters of the next books in the series. The book has very explicit sex scenes, but they do not overwhelm the story. I give this book 3.5 chocolate dipped strawberries.

Review by Cat Devon
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