Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hump day's getting hot in here!

Howdy hump-day posse! Hope you are making it through the heat, I mean, this heat wave is something else. At least the humidity broke around here and it's dry heat - nothing says summer in the south like walking outside and feeling like someone tossed you in the dryer with a load of wet towels!

On the up side, being in a college town means lots of hotties in board shorts playing volley ball outside their apartment complexes and doing that craziest of past-times...running, shirtless please!

I know Ms. Kim is about to fall out of her chair with excitement for the final installment of Harry Potter so we will definitely be "beating the heat" in the local movie theater this weekend. And a few upcoming trips are enough to keep me from wishing I were one of those grossly underpaid school nurses who get the summer off.....poverty vs summer off - that's a tough one! While we ponder this, have a snack - eye candy to ward off those summer time hunger pangs! Mmmmmm.

The Kandy Shoppe, Deborah Dennis, Breathless Press

Kandace Parker wants nothing more than to have a thriving ice cream parlor, but her run down equipment isn't cooperating. Watching her profits melt away each time her freezer breaks is only half her problem – the other half is her sexy repairman, Jason Chapman.

Jason is man enough to admit he's made some mistakes in his personal life; the biggest one was pushing Kandy away years ago. He knows the Ice Cream Queen won't willingly give him a second chance, so he devises a plan to keep him front and center in her life with the hopes of wearing her down.

How far will Jason go to get his second chance? How far will Kandy go to keep her freezer running? When desires collide in The Kandy Shoppe, they'll have to decide if decadent sex is enough or if love can be the best dessert.

THE KANDY SHOPPE may just well be the perfect summer read! Hot enough to melt ice cream, literally, Debora Dennis' breezy story captures the reader from the start with her tale of a romantic "do-over". My advice to readers: take the kids to the pool, park on a lounge chair and bring a big glass of ice water because this is one steamy read!

Kandace Parker inherited her grandfather's small town candy shop. Deciding to reincarnate it as an ice cream parlor, she has dreams of success. Unfortunately, her freezer does not share that same dream and requires constant resurrection by the local service company. Jason Chapman spurned her advances years ago and has been trying to make up ever since. After some seriously spicy persuading on her store counter, Kandy agrees to take a chance on one date with Jason.

Can a woman scorned fall for a reformed playboy? The chemistry between Kandy and Jason sizzles like a hot summer day. Ms Dennis manages to create characters the reader can invest in despite the brevity of this story. Well-developed story, quick witty dialog and hot steamy sex make this an enjoyable treat. This reader will definitely be keeping an eye out for future stories by Ms. Dennis!

I give this summer treat a tasty five chocolate dipped strawberries - ice cream on the side please!

This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews.
The Romance Review
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