Monday, July 25, 2011

Manic Monday

Manic Monday and the start of vacation - sort of! The drive is done but the kid is we hunt for Emergicares (who wants to go to an Atlanta ER?????) At any rate - the objective of vacation: Read, relax, enjoy! Need I say more? Missing my home girls, need a bit of adult frosty beverage time, other than on!

Piers Anthony, Relationships 4, Phaze Books, September 2010

Piers Anthony has a flair for the dramatic. His science fiction and fantasy stories spin worlds and weave webs which capture reader's imaginations. In RELATIONSHIPS 4, he explores the erotic side of relationships. Unlike the typical erotic shorts, however, Piers Anthony's stories represent those facets of humanity that are less than perfect, but more than real.

Most of his fourteen stories in RELATIONSHIPS 4 focus on those characters who are fairly ordinary. No beauties allowed, no mystical forces uniting people together, the characters in each story grow to life without the magic of fantasy. Their personal motivations may differ but the resulting focus is always on the magic created by sexual unity.

Admittedly, some stories are better than others. By far one of the strongest stories, "Phone Sex" is a short about two people who have morbid fears of using the phone. The older woman, younger man idea normally entices, however in this particular piece, the older woman has no allure other than she listens and supports the younger man. While the storyline leans heavily on their sexual adventures, the relationship that develops feels very human, very real – maybe more real than those mainstream romances where the hero is alpha tough, tall and handsome and the heroine is the perfect blend of beauty and brains.

Not always pretty, sometimes even straight up bizarre, these stories feed the brain and ask a final question in conclusion of each one. Perhaps it is those final questions that stimulate reflection upon the story that feel so captivating. As art imitates life, so do these tales – erotic, occasionally exotic and certainly thought provoking, they celebrate the mundane and seek to find the sexy in the every day. Piers Anthony knows how to find the beauty in every beast.

I give this collection three chocolate dipped strawberries.

This review was previously written for The Romance Reviews. The Romance Review
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