Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oliver - The Brac Pack

The Brac Pack is back! In the 6th installment of this shifter series, OLIVER'S HEART, Oliver learns to deal with his past and learns to accept himself as well. Once again dealing with some very uncomfortable subject matter in a tactful and sensitive manner, I applaud Ms. Hagen for her ability to do so. She pens a story of not just surviving the horrors in life but thriving.

When Oliver arrived at "the den", he was angry at his father for the years of abuse that he had to endure and resentful towards his brother Blair for leaving him. Not knowing how to deal with his feelings, he lashes out at everyone in the house, including his mate, Micah. But after months of living with the pack he comes to understand that his brother didn't abandon him and he is finally coming to terms with being gay himself. Now he just needs to convince Micah that he is ready to be claimed.

Micah has been making excuses and apologizing to everyone for Oliver's behavior for months. Now that Oliver is 18, his wolf wants to claim him but Micah isn't sure that Oliver is really ready. So he spends as much time away from Oliver as he can. Oliver, thinking that Micah doesn't want him, does something that causes a misunderstanding between the mates that almost finishes them before they have a chance.

I've been looking forward to this story since we met Oliver in the third book, and for me it didn't disappoint. Knowing from the start the issues the couple was going to have to deal with didn't make it any easier to read. I felt for both Oliver and Micah as they struggled to come together. Even with the seriousness that Oliver is working through there are still those moments when all the mates come together that made me laugh. Another strong installment in this series, and once again I am ready to read what happens next for the Pack.
I give Oliver 4 chocolate dipped strawberries.
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