Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Temporary One

Temporary One is a sweet love story with charming characters. Set on a beach in North Carolina, readers meet Charlotte who is spending the summer at her grandparents’ house while planning the next stage of her life. Though we don’t get details that would’ve added more depth to her character, readers understand that Charlotte lost her job and needs a new direction. When she meets her next door neighbor Tyler, she thinks he will be the distraction she needs. But Tyler doesn’t think he wants a distraction, especially this smart-mouthed girl. He’s an active duty Marine, temporarily home from the war and working at the local base while waiting his next deployment. Smart, handsome and funny, he’s a woman’s fantasy but he doesn’t want anyone to leave behind when he returns overseas.

The book opens with Charlotte having a fantasy and at first this confused me because it was a few pages in that I realized it was a daydream and not real. Thank goodness – because sex that soon between two people that don’t seem to know each other is a pet-peeve of mine in romance books. Instead they meet, argue a bit, and then make-up over brownies (yum!) when Charlotte’s grandmother gives her some advice on befriending the boy next door. Their relationship develops naturally and it’s this evolution that is most refreshing about the story. Charlotte and Tyler seem to be soul mates. And somewhere along the way, they discover that sometimes the Temporary One is the one meant to last.

Readers will enjoy this nicely-written romance though they may wish there was more background to the character’s stories to deepen the storyline. But it was good as is - a simple story of two people falling in love.

RATINGS: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

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