Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday madness
- greetings and salutations friends and readers. Here we are, struggling to beat the heat, keep things green and generally not succeeding. But I have some suggestions for us all. 1)Remember you are never too old for a Popsicle - it's a great low cal hydration technique and they are tasty too! 2) Remember you are never too old to read Young Adult books - if for no other reason than to remind you why you don't really want to be young again! 3) Enjoy an early Hump Day eye candy sample! If anyone asks at work why you are drooling, tell them it's just so dang hot out!

Jennifer Estep, First Frost, K TEEN BOOKS, Kensington Books

Prequel in some ways to Jennifer Estep's first foray into Young Adult, I honestly cant decide if I should suggest readers read it before or after the actual first in the series, Touch of Frost. A quick twenty-seven page read, First Frost, introduces the reader to the character of Gwen Frost and her Gypsy heritage, psychometry talented world. Spelling out a critical life event alluded to in the Touch of Frost, First Frost feels like a chapter an editor cut but which the writer felt contained really crucial information. And it does. In just a few pages, Estep grabs the reader and pulls him into Ashland once more. Unlike her urban fantasy Elemental Assassin's series, this one delves into the magical world of Mythos Academy.

I love the worlds created by Estep - seemingly everyday ordinary with an undercurrent of strange and fantastical. Her characters are strong, believable, flawed and so lovable. The writing, as always, is fast paced, story clipping along - keep up readers, children's books are not children's play! More on my take on this series on Wednesday - until then. Grab a copy, be prepared to read and discuss. I am excited to share with you, how I spent my summer vacation with a great new book!

I give the promise of this new series five chocolate dipped strawberries....and a Popsicle to help beat the heat!
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