Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Humpday howl for Mac's Mate

Well, we did it! Made it to Philly and back - alive and well....although it was touch and go through torrential rains on I95....take my advice, heed it well - if you are on the interstate and you cannot immediately see the gas station - skip that exit and try another one. We went on a wild goose chase in gale rains looking for a bloody gas station and managed to find flooding the likes of which I have only seen on the Weather Channel....scary!!!!!! Thanks to my trusty co-pilot and a box of cupcakes, we survived. And the booty we brought back - enough books to keep you dear readers entertained and intrigued for months!

Seeing as how we left things right before the full moon and since my hospital is still feeling the full moon effects (dont laugh, just ask any nurse about THE FULL MOON), I thought I'd give you a little wolfy treat to go with this delish eye candy this week!!!!

Mac's Mate, Kitty DuCane, LooseID, April 2011

Kitty DuCane knows erotica and she loves her shifters! She is one of those writers who fancies herself a true "storyteller" and it shows. Her sexy stories play out with humor and mystery and the result is pure magic!

MAC'S MATE is Ms. DuCane's third in her DEA werewolf series. DEA SAC Mac McNamara's latest mission crash lands with his helicopter in his prime suspect's front yard. Working off a tip that a large drug shipment was arriving from Mexico to the Texas ranch of Callie Johnson, Mac and his crew thought their task was cut and dried. Nothing seems to come easy for this team and it all gets more complicated when Mac realizes the curvy but crippled ranch owner is his mate.

Callie Johnson is a survivor – of an abusive marriage, of the harassment of land developers and she doesn't plan to be intimidated by an Alpha team landing on her front lawn. Skittish and wary of men, it takes a lot of convincing on Mac's part to lure this sexy siren in bed. Once there, his promise of erotic delights proves to be no sham. Of course, she still has her secrets and Mac needs to figure them out in time. When Callie disappears, his faith in his mate will either make him or break him.

With entertaining characters and a well-written story line, MAC'S MATE proves to be a quick and easy read. This particular story can be read as a stand alone and still be enjoyable. This reader looks forward to more of Ms DuCane's feisty females and the alpha force werewolves who claim them!

I give this howling good story a tasty four chocolate dipped strawberries and some frisky kitchen business! Enjoy!

This review was previously written for The Romance Reviews. The Romance Review
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