Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Andrew Grey!!!

Hello Guilty Indulgence followers, LOL that makes us sound like a cult or something...how about GI readers?? Yeah that sounds much better. While we were at AAD this year we met many authors who were incredible nice to us, but one of them really stood out for us and that was Andrew Grey. Since the fabulous Mr. Grey has so many outstanding series and books we thought it would be fun to spotlight him and give you a sampling of some of our favorites from his library. He writes in many differnt genres from paranormal with his Satyr series to contemporary with his Love Means series to western with his Range series so take some time and checkout his site to see everything that is available to you and maybe add another author to your guilty indulgence list!

Andrew very graciously took the time to answer a few questions for us and we have posted them below. Be sure to leave a comment anytime this week for a chance to win one of two copies of an ebook from his backlist!

1. Do you write full time? If not, how do you juggle work and writing?
No. In addition to writing, I work full time in Information Technology. Juggling my full time job with the writing takes some effort. Once I get home from work, I write while my partner cooks dinner and then we eat together and I write for another hour or so until an hour before bed. For me the hard part isn’t juggling work and writing, but making sure the other parts of my life aren’t completely ignored.

2. Do you listen to a certain type of music when you write?
Generally not. I often have the television on so I have something to ignore and other times I like complete quiet so I can be alone with my thoughts. I know many authors play music when they write, but I’m not ne of them.

3. What is the one event in your life that has impacted your writing the most?
A number of years ago, I changed positions at work. My new position required less travel and allowed me to have a more regular schedule. This in turn prompted me to join a gym to get in shape and I needed something to read while I was on the treadmill. That chain of events led me to gay fiction and then to gay romance. After reading it for a while, I decided to try my hand at writing it. The rest is history.

4. Do you prefer contemporary stories to paranormal (Home vs Satyr)?
Actually I love both genres. I tend to write more contemporary because that’s where my ideas are coming right now. A number of years ago, I did have an idea for a satyr story that led to three novels and a number of shorter stories. But since them I haven’t had any really original paranormal ideas. Right now, I don’t have any plans for another paranormal, but that could change. The muses dictate a lot of things.

5. Other than writing what are your hobbies and interests?
I love to garden. When we purchased out current home, the yard was a tangle and I’ve worked over the last eight years to relandscape the entire yard. My partner and I also collect antiques and as I’ve gotten older I’ve discovered a passion for art.

6. Who do you like to read when you have time?
In my spare time, I read a huge variety. I love adventure stories, Clive Cussler and Ken Follett. I also adore a good mystery. Anne Perry has written a number of historical mysteries that I adore. I have also read a great deal of gay romance, Ariel Tachna, Connie Bailey, as well as a number of other authors. I’ve even read some straight romance for ideas and to make sure the quality of my work is where it should be.

And finally the question we ask every guest blogger:
7. What is your guilty indulgence? Chocolate is my everyday guilty pleasure but once a year my partner and I take a Caribbean cruise and I get to spend an entire winter week in the sun with sand and absolutely nothing that I have to do. That’s heaven.
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