Monday, October 10, 2011

Feel Your BOOBIES!!!

Hello everyone, it's October so that means it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This disease has touched some of us here at the GI blog personally so we understand the importance of self exams and mammograms. So protect Barbie and Buffy and feel you boobies!!!

The anthology that we are spotlighting this week is special because all of the proceeds from the sale of this book go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Some of the authors included are survivors. So we are each going to review a short story from the book and we encourage everyone to buy a copy, if not for yourself for someone important in your life.

Entangled, Various Authors, Authors4theCure
Sweet Demon, Misty Evans

As if confronting the king of the vampires for the Central United States wasn't stressful enough, Kali Sweet also has to deal with running into her ex who left her at the alter 300 years ago. Not that she's not over the guy but there are some things you just never forget. Kali just wants to deliver the ultimatum set down by the Bridge Council and get out, but things don't always go as planned.

Ok I fell in love with Kali in the first two pages of the story. She is a kick ass vengeance demon with some FABULOUS boots. Nudra, the vampire king is the kind of villain that you love to hate. He is a megalomaniac that just needs to be taken down. I was very excited to learn that this is a prequel to a new paranormal series from Ms. Evans and I will defiantly be purchasing the next book. I want to know what happens from here as well as the whole Rad leaving Kali at the alter story. What a fabulous story to whet you appetite for the next sweet installment. I give Sweet Demon 5 chocolate dipped strawberries and a cup of coffee for Kali.
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