Monday, October 3, 2011

Fire Demon

FIRE DEMON is the first in the Elemental Demons series by Stormy Glenn and it is a fascinating, intriguing world that she has created. What do you get when you cross a cop from the surface world and a fire warrior from below the surface? A scorching hot tale that will have you wishing for more.

Tehmper has come to the surface hunting rogue demons shayatin, and when he comes across Gabe, a human cop who has just captured one, he knows he has found a worthy Demonas Amate…his mate. Tehmper knows he cannot take his mate to his home below the surface, without permission from the Amir, so he marks Gabe with a bite to the neck but doesn't complete the claiming.

All Gabe remembers is being on a stake out and chasing the perp down an alley, and when he wakes up, he finds a bite mark on his neck and he keeps having the most erotic dreams of his life. When Tehmper comes back to claim him, he's not sure what to believe but he knows he can't deny the chemistry he feels for the stranger. When he finally agrees to go with Tehmper he finds himself in more trouble than if he had just stayed home.

As with most first books of series, especially ones set in an alternate world there is a lot of world building and background information. This doesn't bother me because I like to know the rules. I liked that Gabe's character stayed true to himself. Even though he was in a strange place, he didn't back down when he saw something wasn't right. He wasn't afraid to try and help people even though he was in trouble himself. Tehmper's complete devotion to Gabe was easier to believe than Gabe's acceptance of everything that happened. Gabe seemed to accept this alternate universe a little too easily.

The villain was one of those completely amoral people that you love to hate. I liked this new world and the characters that were introduced and can't wait to see what Ms. Glenn has planned next.

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