Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Welcome Guest Blogger, Bronwyn Green!

We invited this week's feature author, Bronwyn Green, to blog about how the Dark Destinies series came about. And we're so glad she agreed because we learned more than we hoped for and she even added a CONTEST in for one lucky follower. Be sure to read to the bottom to learn about the contest. Welcome to Guilty Indulgence Book Club!

Changing Courses (at least, it involved hot men…)

Once upon a time, way back when I first decided to try to write for publication, I thought that writing category romances was a great idea.  So I did what any would-be category romance author did and sent off a story to the biggest category publisher in New York. I was really heartened by the response. They loved what I’d sent them, but thought it was too hot. They wanted to know if I could tone it down a little.
So, I diligently edited the story and resubbed it. I got a call from one of their editors. It was still too hot – could I maybe make it a little tamer. *big sigh* Of course, I told them yes. And I tried. I really did. In the end, the story went through four sets of revisions with three editors (high turnover) but was ultimately rejected. The same thing happened with the next book. Only I stopped trying after two revisions. Yeah, frustration won out.

One day, I was venting to my dear friend and critique partner, Brynn Paulin. She looked at me and asked, “Have you considered trying to write an erotic romance?” Well, I hadn’t. Not really. I’d written a couple very short erotic pieces there were more writing exercises than anything else – but writing a full length story and subbing it for publication? No way. At the time I was incredibly intimidated by the idea of it. Not writing it so much, but putting it out there. But I’d had the opening of what was to become Overlord’s Chosen in my head for ages, so I thought “What the hell – let’s do it.” As it turns out, that was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. (Thanks, Brynn!)

When I started writing the first book, I’d never planned for it to turn into a series, but the characters developed a life of their own. And as it turns out, writing erotic romance was surprisingly freeing. Other than a few lines that I’d never cross, I sailed into all kinds of uncharted (for me, anyway) territory. After trying to write stories that were confined to someone else’s boxes, it was fantastic to experiment like I was able to with Overlord’s Chosen.  And I’ll confess to falling more than a little in love with Micah as the book went on.

As I approached the end of the book, I knew that Asher was going to need his own story. Then I discovered early on in the beginning of Asher and Neeve’s story that Joseph would need his own, as well. And so would Tamara and Colin, too. I can’t wait to go back and visit the world of Dark Destinies. It’s a little dark there – a little dangerous, but I love it. 

Speaking of 
a little dangerous...
I’d like to introduce you to the inspiration for both Micah (left) and Asher (right)... *Swoon*

With thanks from our guest blogger, author Bronwyn Green, one lucky commenter WINS the first two books in the Dark Destinies series. Tell us who your favorite HERO is from Dark Destinies series... is it Micah or Asher? Or tell us which HERO you can't wait to read about... is it Joseph or Colin? 

Commenters from any day this week (allowed to comment once every day January 30-Feb 2 for five chances to WIN) will be entered in the contest. Must be an indulgent follower to WIN.

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