Monday, February 20, 2012

Driving Mr. Dead - Molly Harper

So if you are like me the suspense of waiting for Molly Harper’s Jane Jameson Book 4 is killing you.  So I was thrilled to find that she has a spin off to hold me over until the much-anticipated release of Book 4, Nice Girls Don’t Bite Their Neighbors,  coming on February 28th.  Please be sure to check back as I’m sure I’ll review it as soon as I get my hands on it!

In the mean time….Driving Mr. Dead is a wonderfully written story and adds two new fabulous characters to the wacky cast of Jane’s friends.  Miranda Puckett is the daughter of Half Moon Hollow’s most prominent old money family but unlike her family she is not a lawyer nor is she a  successful businesswomen.  She has failed at every job she has ever had in fabulously tragic and hilarious ways.  But she has picked up some random skills along the way and hopes that maybe, just maybe those skills will help her as she takes on her newest career – a long-distance vampire transporter.  A job she took trying to get as far out of town as possible while she tries to decide if she wants to give her lying, cheating fiancĂ© another chance.

Collin Sutherland is the most persnickety, stuffy, handsome vampire that Miranda has ever met and his 16-page transportation contract rider can’t help but rub her the wrong way.  But as they set out on their National Lampoons worthy trip Miranda’s knack for trouble seems to find her and Collin must quickly learn that contingency plans are necessary.  As their trip spins further out of control their need to work together, laugh together and find a way to get home only helps to ignite the undeniable spark between them.  Their chemistry and the lessons learned along the way quickly have Collin rethinking his solitary life style and reveling in the chaotic fun that is Miranda!

In true Molly Harper fashion this story will have you laughing, crying and cheering all that the same time.  There are appearances from some of our favorite Jane series characters that make for some really great scenes.  Once again, I listened to this on Audible.  Amanda Ronconi just does such a fabulous job that I always gravitate to her audible format over the print format.  This book can easily be read as a stand alone and doesn't have to be read as part of the main series.  It seems to fall in between book 3 and 4 of the Jane Series but it could be read really at any time and still make sense.  However, the Jane Series is well worth the the time and one of my favorites series.   If you are unfamiliar with Molly Harper please be sure and use our search bar on the left column to find my previous blog’s on her other books.  

RATING:  I give this one Five Chocolate Dipped Strawberries served in a National Lampon’s Moose Glass with whipped cream! 

Many thanks.
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