Monday, February 6, 2012

Game of Love - Bad Boys of Football BOOK THREE

Bella Andre scores another touchdown with Game of Love! 

Regardless of your feelings of yesterday’s game – whether you hate football and were watching for the commercials, or love football and you were trying to check out the cute tight pants, or just avoided it all together you will not be able to resist this timeless tale of love at first site and second chances.  

Cole is the ultimate bad boy football player for the San Francisco Outlaws who lost his parents at the age of five in a tragic plane crash.  His Grandmother, a master Las Vegas casino dealer, raised him with love and a stern hand in a wild city.  She is his world and is dying of stage four Melanoma cancer.  He is so rattled by the cancer news that when she tells him from her hospital bed in Vegas that her dying wish is for him to finally settle down with a good girl he tells her that he already has just to make her happy.  So now he has to leave her hospital in Sin City and find a good girl to bring to her the next morning.

Anna is a first grade school teacher with four sisters who are all popular, pretty, fun, and now happily married.  After her sister’s Las Vegas reception she is faced with the thought of another night alone in her hotel room after yet another wedding reception.  She knows that everyone thinks she is boring but she can’t help feel that they are wrong.  She yearns to experience life but she doesn’t know how.  The club that she forces herself to go with her sister’s is too load and crowded and she feels lost even though she desperately wants to just have some fun – and then he walks up.  Suddenly the world disappears and everything else doesn’t matter. 

Cole is just looking for a girl to take to see his grandmother but the instant that he sees her he knows that he wants so much more.  After only a short hour of talking he convinces her to do something crazy – marry him.  Cole is thinking this would be the best way to keep her around until his grandmother passes but deep down he is hoping to drag it out for more personal reasons.  Anna agrees wanting to prove to herself and her family that she can embrace life.   And so begins the struggle for them to discover what is real and what is a lie about their new relationship.   They both have ulterior motives going in and they are both forced to lie to everyone around them about how they met, how long they have know each other, and if their relationship is real.  Anna agrees to stay married to him once the truth of his motives comes out in return for him helping her learn how to embrace life and all the pleasure that he can teach her.  But as time passes they realize that the lies are so carefully worded that they really aren’t lies but pieces of the truth.  And neither of them can deny what feelings they both had from that first look, from that first kiss.   Cole struggles to embrace love since his childhood was so rough and Anna struggles to trust and be brave enough to show Cole how to love and express himself beyond the physical.   

This is wonderfully written story.  Some of the scenes are difficult to believe and really stretch the boundaries of plausibility but the reader is more than rewarded in the end for taking the leap of faith that anything is possible.  This story is all about the emotional journey both in and out of the bedroom.  The romance is incredible and leaves you believing that all things are possible and that maybe bad boys really aren’t bad boys they just haven’t found the right women yet who will rock their world.  This story is amazing and will not disappoint.  This can be read without reading the previous two.  The characters from the first two do reappear but have a very minimal part in this book and although Ty impacts the characters it isn’t necessary to have read his book to understand his role in Cole's life.   Although if you missed our blogs over the weekend then please go back and catch the write-ups about the first two in this series.  They were awesome also! 

RATING: I give this four chocolate dipped strawberries!

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