Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Humpday Shout Out to Cheryl Dragon!

Hump day hello to all and to all a good night. This one posts late on Hump day, so the good news is, without any great powers of precognition, I am pleased to say Congrats! We made it half way. Now we are one the downhill slope of this week - which has already seen 1) freak snowstorm followed by 2) 65 degree day with crocuses blooming (I kid you not) and 3) yet another injury for yours truly, the klutziest gal on the planet. (I didn't really DO anything this time - just threw out my back but man, does it blow!)  I also realize that for many, it is the start of Lent and for those of you who have decided to give up ooey gooey calorie filled treats that tempt you constantly at home and work - allow me to assist you in a guiltless indulgence - Eye Candy! Calorie free, no pesky cheating on the diet or on Lent proclamations! Woohoo - it's a win-win and oh, so yummy!

This week brings another Resplendence Author to our doorstep, one I have followed for years - she's sassy, funny and write smokin hot erotic tales, so grab a glass of ice water and check out Cheryl Dragon's latest!

Renee's High School Reunion, Cheryl Dragon, Resplendence Publishing, January 2012.

Nude photos, a prom fistfight, and losing the two men she loved are three good reasons for Renee not to go to her reunion. But Renee always pushed the boundaries. High school was ten years ago but she’s never forgotten AJ, her boyfriend, or Jesse, her gay best friend who was her first lover. Though she’s determined to heal the past with two great men, even Renee is shocked when she finds out what has happened since she left Vegas. AJ and Jesse have plans for her that start with a hot reunion weekend. Ménage love is a gamble, but the trio graduated with honors from Las Vegas High!

They say you can't go back - back in time, back to the way things were, back to the drawing board. But Cheryl Dragon may have hit upon the perfect blend of rewind and fast forward with her new erotic delight, Renee's High School Reunion.   Renee Carlson hadn't really intended to attend her ten year high school reunion but as a pilot for a major airline, she had the access and the time and curiosity had her wondering about what happened to everyone - especially her best friend Jessie and her senior year boyfriend A.J.  Little did she know the fistfight the two engaged in on prom night all those years ago was the catalyst that started their relationship.  She has no idea they've been together now ten years because of her.  She also has no idea that their plans for the perfect union includes one missing piece - her!  Tempting the sexually adventurous Renee with a weekend of no-holds barred menage sex, A.J. and Jessie hope to rekindle old flames and convince her that she's the perfect fit for both.

Cheryl Dragon writes erotic romance like a sharp Italian sports car - tight curves, able to take on twists and turns, giving one sexy as hell ride along the way. The relationships between Renee and Jessie and Renee and A.J. are those borne of intense high school experiences.  And yet, some things that go back that far, are meant to be for a reason.  Dragon captures that intense experience in a series of flashbacks and recollections that blend seamlessly with the current story.   The best part of her characters is that they feel very real - they have fears, quirks and little bumps in the road do freak them out.  The unplanned public outing of A.J. causes the reader to feel immensely empathetic and even protective to the point that it makes Renee's reactions justifiable, conceivable.  The menage fantasy of two hot men who love each other as much as the woman they are with also rings truthfully with the reader, even I think, for those not as familiar with the genre.

Say what you will - I love a sexy, sassy erotic romance.  Especially one that packs in punch after punch and scenes that sizzle on the page all in less than 100 pages!  Cheryl Dragon wins "Best sexy reunion story" superlative for this spicy reunion tale!

RATING:  Five out of five Big Ole Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries and maybe some champagne to celebrate....good times, great friends and hawt-ness. 

This book was given to us by Resplendence Publishing. Many thanks.
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