Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nice & Squeaky Clean

Squeaky Clean by Kim Dare
It’s not every day that Tim looks up and sees a hot, wet and half-naked man standing outside his third story window. He feels quite justified in being shocked enough to drop both his coffee and his laptop. The last thing he expects is for the guy to climb in through the window to help him clean up. Still, it’s only when he recognizes his new window cleaner that things start to get really complicated for Tim.

If you like to read Kim Dare, as I do, then just go ahead and get it.  This is 23 pages of OMG I didn’t see that one coming.  If you are checking it out please don’t let the BDSM label throw you off.  It is a great quick read that is written perfectly with just a bit of D/s thrown in.  

Part of the Kinky Quikies series, the story grabs you from the first page, which is just what you want as a reader.  I loved the story because the blurb really didn’t tell me the whole story or give anything away.  I have gotten into a bad habit of judging my main characters ahead of time.  I think anyone that reads a lot does. I love to read Kim’s stories, short or long, because you never know the mind set or the dynamics of the relationship ahead of time.  This story was no different and I was totally surprised by the plot and the ending.  The first thing I did was look out on the website to see if this was just the set up to a new book because I loved it so much and just wanted to see how it played out.  No luck but maybe if we all read it and then write to her asking for more she will considered it.  Damien and Tim bring with them issues from their high school days. The question is always how much will the past hold us up from our future. 

I give Squeaky Clean 4 chocolate-dipped strawberries
Relax for a few and read it – we all deserve the break in our lives.

This book was given to us by Resplendence Publishing.
Many thanks from Shari.
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