Monday, March 12, 2012

Nice Girls Don’t Bite Their Neighbors, Molly Harper

Molly Harper once again delivers an amazing story in her fourth installment to the Jane Jameson series.  If you missed my previous reviews about this series please use the search section on the left to pull up the previous books in the series.   

This books picks up with Jane finally excepting Gabriel’s marriage proposal, which I won’t ruin the “how” here but I will say that it is Jane Austen worthy and therefore our Jane’s dream come true. Jane is finally set to get her “happily ever after”, which is well disserved after the three books worth of endless tragic laughs at Jane’s expense, but in true Jane style her wedding and the months leading up to it aren’t without mishap.  Of course Jane’s life is never simple.  Shortly after saying yes the town high school jock hunk is delivering milk to her store and is hit by a car.  Not being able to watch a child Jane has baby sat for and known since his “smiley faced pancake eating days” die she makes the call to turn him and save him.  Of course this means that she is now a proud new sire and mom of a super hot teenage vamp.  So admitting spoilers let’s just say that her newly cohabitating and newly engaged life style with Gabriel is quickly turned upside down and thrust into total hormonal teenage chaos making for a new fun twist to the wacky dynamics of our Half Moon Hollow gang.  But there is still the question of why Jamie, the hunk, was killed in the first place and as the group tries to figure out that question it becomes apparent that Jane and Gabriel are once again being targeted by someone.  Thankfully Jane is able to hire Iris Scandlan, the new local vamp concierge, to help with the wedding plans and help her plan a Jane Austen worthy ceremony.  So she just has to keep her mom from driving her nuts, keep Gabe from strangling her new child, find time to hunt down her newest enemy, and try to stay alive long enough to make it to her wedding day…no problem, right. 

If you follow this series this installment is such a joy.  If you haven’t been reading this series then I highly suggest that you do.  Although this could be read by itself this really is a continuation of the series and you will enjoy it more if you have read the previous three.  This series is great for so many reasons. But focusing on this book, this story is great because it is more then just a happily ever after for the couple.  Jane’s character is very emotionally healthy throughout the entire series and in this one she really seems to embrace everything that has happened to her and therefore embrace her future.  She reaches a sense of peace with all aspects of her life and some of the scenes are so touching that it will leave you laughing and crying all at the same time.   Once again I listened to this one on Audible and Amanda Ronconi did a spectacular job.  This one is definitely one to listen to over and over again or worthy of a permanent spot on your bookshelf! 

Check back soon for a review on Molly Harper’s “And One Last Thing” which I’ll be reviewing the next time I get an open Monday spot!  After all you can’t go wrong with Molly Harper!

RATING:  5 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries!

Many thanks.
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