Monday, July 16, 2012

Under a Vampire Moon, Lynday Sands

Spend the day in the sand getting caught up with Sands….Lynsay Sands!  With a recent release to her Argeneau series in the past couple of months and another coming out later this month now is the perfect time to get caught up on a great series!

Under a Vampire Moon, released late April, helps to wrap up the story threads started in Vampire Interrupted, the story of Marguerite and Julius.  Christian, their son, has had a rough life due to his loss of a mother figure for most of his life.  Now that he has reconnected with his mom and helped her find her way back to his father, her true lifemate, he is eager to find his own lifemate.  Now it is Marguerite’s turn to do her magic and help him.   While just beginning her honeymoon she happens upon his one perfect match and asks Christian to join them in St. Lucia hoping that as a family they can help him win her over. 

Carolyn has had a rough life. She is very introverted and leery of men since all the males in her life have been abusive and deceitful.  That is with the one exception of her dear gay friend, Brent.  Since the Argeneau’s can read minds they quickly read that this is Christain’s only chance to get past her impenetrable walls.  So Christian poses as a gay man seeking her help in hiding it from his family by pretending that he has found love.  But as his plans begin to work and she begins to trust him the lifemate magic takes hold.  With hormones ranging out of control they both begin to have trouble keeping their hands off each other.  And it isn’t long before Christian is forced to blow his cover or risk losing her. 

Although I typically like a stronger female character it is understandable why Carolyn is the way she is.   Christian’s treatment of her and concern makes this a wonderful romance.  This was the first over 150-page book that I have read in quiet a while and it was amazing the difference in how much more the story benefitted from having that additional length.  I literally could not put this down even though this is a crazy, busy time.   The beach tropical setting was magical.  I loved how even though Christian was pretending to be gay the story did not suffer from a lack of passion given their shared dreams.  This was wonderfully written and a perfect summer read!

Please check back soon for a review of Ms. Sands upcoming release of The Lady is a Vamp, due to be released July 31st!  

RATING: Four Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Many thanks.
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