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BOOK TOUR: Janelle's Time

“If you love the magic of romance and the romance of magic, this is a book for you.”
Kenneth Weene, author of Tales From the Dew Drop Inne, Memoirs From the Asylum, & Widow's Walk

Title: Janelle's Time (TIME Series, Book 1)
Author: Dayna Leigh Cheser
Publisher: All Things That Matter Press
Length: 98,600 words
Genres: Historical Romance (ADULT with a little time travel)
Heat Level: Steamy


Janelle’s Time is the story of the great love between a New Hampshire farmer’s daughter and the younger son of an English Duke.

From her father’s death to the birth of twin daughters, Janelle makes it difficult for Richard to keep her safe.

Unaware of Janelle’s maternal-line powers, the couple time-travel to 14th century England, where they meet Richard’s ancestors - and discover some startling truths about his aristocratic family.

Logan Conor, the Scots Duke of Muileach, crashes Richard and Janelle’s wedding, bent on revenge, but finds his own true love instead.

On their wedding trip, a madman attempts to kidnap Janelle - twice.

Later, Richard unknowingly betrays Janelle who strands him in England. Richard finally arrives home, but fate separates them again – and he misses the birth of his son. Will they ever make a life together?

Filled with unexpected twists and turns, their love story spans two continents, and hundreds of years. But, can their love survive their very different backgrounds and the endless obstacles life throws at them?


Upstairs, Maura opened the door and entered what had been Gerard’s rooms. Janelle hesitated in the hall. She hadn’t been here since the day her father died. Taking a deep breath, she stepped inside. Looking around, she couldn’t believe her eyes.
Maura stood in the middle of the room. “I heard Richard. He’s right, you know. You have each other now and your life together. You shouldn’t live in your father’s rooms, so I changed them. These are your rooms; for you and your husband.”
Janelle’s first reaction was anger. How dare this woman, longtime family friend and companion notwithstanding, remove her father’s things from his rooms without permission! Then she realized they really were not her father’s rooms any more. Richard had said it, Maura had said it, and she knew it. Her father was gone. These rooms were where she and Richard would live, where their children would be born, if there were any, and, Lord willing, where they would die, leaving the rooms for the next generation.
Maura watched the play of emotions on Janelle’s face. She knew it was a shock to find all traces of Gerard gone, the walls newly wallpapered, bright, new curtains at the windows, even all new furniture and carpets, but it was a necessary shock. Without it, she would idolize her father at the expense of her relationship with Richard.
“Maura,” Janelle whispered, her voice tight with emotion, her hands clenched at her sides, “Where are my father’s things?”
“They’re in the attic, my dear, carefully packed away. Nothing discarded, not a single thing, not even scraps of paper. Someday you can bring it all down and tell your children all about their grandfather.” Maura paused. “For now, however, you must put your father aside. If you don’t, your marriage will suffer. Richard deserves better than playing second fiddle to a dead man.” There. She had spoken her piece. Seldom in all her years with the LeDuc family did she ever knowingly inflict pain, but a little now would forestall a great deal more in the future.
Silent, Janelle stood in the center of the room, turning slowly as she took in the changes. When had Maura done all this? How had she missed the obvious activity here? Did Richard know? At last, Janelle began to accept what had happened here. Maura sighed in relief.
Dorothy knocked and came in to help Maura remove Janelle’s gown. That done, she left with the dress for packing away after washing. After Janelle had a quick sponge bath, Maura produced an alluring dressing gown.
“Oh, Maura, it’s gorgeous, but so sheer. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination.”
Maura chuckled. “And, do tell, just what’s left to imagine between you two?”
Speechless, Janelle blushed furiously, feeling like a naughty child. She’d suspected all along that Maura knew what was happening. Now, confronted with the truth of it, she squared her shoulders. “Of course you knew.” After a minute, she said, “Um, while we’re on the subject, in all this time, there’s been no child. Am I right to suspect Gram’s magic may be involved here?”
“Of course, dear. Do you think I’d let you play your love games without it? The tea I’ve greeted you with each morning for months now has contained special herbs to prevent a child.”
“Ah. And, that’s why the tea was bitter?” Maura nodded. Janelle’s eyes popped as she realized there’d been no tea this morning. Janelle felt strange inside. “There was no tea today. Does that mean I could be pregnant tomorrow?”
Maura chuckled. “It’s possible, of course, but probably not. Sometimes it takes a little time for the effect of the herbs to wear off. Also, the timing may not be right. Don’t worry, dear. Your mother had no trouble getting pregnant. You won’t, either. Look at your sisters. They have eight children between them, all live births, and not a single miscarriage. Why, that’s unheard of! Nay, my dear. You needn’t worry.”
Years ago, Maura had sworn that Adrienne’s daughters would not die as their mother had, birthing four live children, and three miscarriages in just eight years. Adrienne had been pregnant at some time during nearly every year for the first eight years of her marriage. Insanity! There had then been five years, carefully and secretly herbs-enforced, before Adrienne had gotten pregnant again, but the long years of abuse to her body had taken its toll. She died giving birth to Janelle.
“Come, dear. ’Tis time for you to be in the bed to receive your husband. I think I hear a commotion coming this way.” Maura hurried out through the other door just as the hall door flew open, and a much-disheveled, more-than-slightly-drunk Richard, minus all but his small clothes, stood in the doorway. Anthony shoved him into the room. He stumbled and turned to those at the door, swaying slightly. His brothers blocked the doorway so no one else could enter, much to the dismay of those behind them who had hoped to get a peek at Janelle in her nightclothes.
Only Logan was able to break the blockade. Inside the room, Logan stood legs apart and arms folded across his massive chest. Janelle felt a small clutch of fear in the pit of her stomach. Downstairs, he’d been large. Here, he was a giant. Logan started laughing. A fast, almost effortless swipe of his hand sent Richard flying to land in a heap on the bed, causing Janelle to scramble to the far corner, pulling the covers with her. Still laughing, Logan reached over and, with another effortless move, tore off the last of Richard’s clothes. Naked, Richard froze, out of fear or embarrassment, or both—Janelle couldn’t tell. Logan pointed in the general direction of Richard’s sex and laughed harder. He turned and left the room, still chortling. From the hall, Janelle heard him bellow, “I’ll go to my lady now. She’ll know a real man!”
The men in the hallway were quiet, the levity gone.
Anthony closed the door.
Watch for Book Two: ‘Moria’s Time’ 
Janelle’s daughter, Moria, is the focus of a startling vision as an infant. As a teen, she meets Elizabeth Blackwell, M.D., who later introduces her to Florence Nightingale. Moria fulfills the vision in service to others but finds herself in grave danger - and in love. Will she ever see her family in New Hampshire again? Will she and her lover survive the danger to themselves and others? Will their love survive her destiny of service to others?

Watch for Book Three: ‘Adelle’s Time’
Moria’s twin sister, Adelle, is an American country girl with her English father’s aristocratic blood coursing through her veins. She dreams of being English Lady, and will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. In a loveless marriage with her wealthy and powerful Duke, will Adelle find happiness as his Duchess in Victorian England? Or, will she leave him to discover her true self and find her way home to her American roots - alone?

Watch for Book Four: ‘Logan’s Time’
Logan Conor, the Duke of Muileach, grows up in Scotland. His mother abandons 
her two sons. His father spends his life missing his wife. Logan meets Richard 
Grayson at school in England. After school, it’s on to Paris where their friendship suddenly ends with the death of Minuet. Will Logan make peace with his 
mother, Annella? Will Logan and Rachel live happily ever after? Will Seanna, 
his sometime-lover, destroy Logan’s marriage? 

Watch for Book Five: ‘Clarissa’s Time’
Clarissa Conor, eldest daughter of the Duke of Muileach, grows up in Scotland. Born in New Hampshire, she and Damian Gerard, Richard and Janelle’s oldest son, discover they have much in common in spite of their very different backgrounds. As America inches closer to the Civil War, can Clarissa and Damian Gerard keep their love strong, or will politics and war destroy what they have? Or, will they flee to Scotland to avoid the war?

Writing ‘runs in the family.’ My mother is a multi-published non-fiction author, and my two brothers make a living writing, one as a newspaperman, the other as a copywriter. My sister edits her church newsletter.

My father was a school teacher/reading specialist (later an elementary school principal) when I was little. During story-time one night when I was about four years old, I stopped him and asked how he said the same thing every time he read that story to me. That night, he started teaching me to read. It began a life-long love affair between books and me – for that, I am grateful.

In junior high, I wrote short stories to entertain classmates. In high school, one English assignment was to write my autobiography. In the teacher-specified chapter entitled ‘Future Plans,’ being a published writer topped the list.

After a college professor told me I ‘couldn’t write my way out of a paper bag,’ I stopped writing for many years. Then, in the late 1970s, I wrote an article for “World Radio News” (San Diego, CA) about our amateur radio club providing communications for a March of Dimes Walkathon. The ‘WRN’ editor used my article word-for-word.

In early 2002, between jobs and wanting to write, I sought a third-shift position and used the ‘free time’ to write what became ‘Janelle’s Time.’ When it was complete, I shelved it. In 2009, the WIP came off the shelf. By August 2011, it was ready – at last - for submission. 

In 2009, I started a Twitter account, @Writers_Cafe. I feel as if I’ve earned a degree in ‘book publishing’ since then! You can learn so much from over 14,000 followers.  

I penned an article about @RileyCarney, a Colorado teen, and very prolific YA fantasy author, who heads her own non-profit literacy project. Never officially published, countless people have seen it, thanks to Twitter retweets and some carefully chosen email inboxes.

On New Year’s Day, 2010, I went ‘live’ with my blog. It has evolved into a combination of chronicling my writing journey and hopefully helpful posts on publishing industry topics. 

In the fall of 2011, I added ‘DIY Interviews’ to my blog (see the left column of my blog for details on doing your own interview). Several authors have submitted ‘interviews’ to date.

Janelle’s Time is Book 1 of my TIME Series. Book 2, ‘Moria’s Time’ was my NaNoWriMo project for 2011. I reached 51,000 words on November 26! Now, I have to finish that book, and three more in the series: ‘Adelle’s Time,’ ‘Logan’s Time,’ and ‘Clarissa’s Time.’

Moving into 2012, I’m very excited about the release of ‘Janelle’s Time.’ It’s the culmination of a life-long dream – and is only the beginning of my retirement career. I’m working on “Moria’s Time,” book 2 of the Time Series.

My husband, Pete, and I have been married over forty-three years – no children. We lived in Massachusetts for thirteen years, and then moved to New Hampshire for eleven years. In 1992, we moved to Florida.
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