Friday, September 21, 2012

Fiona's Forest Find Friday

Yeah for Friday! I hope everyone had fun on the blog this week. There was so much to share and a ton of prizes to win. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Speaking of free stuff I have to share this quick story from last night. We all know that authors love to give out bookmarks the hotter the better. My daughter came to me last night and said “Mom I need a bookmark”. I said “Sure I have tons of them”. So we proceed to dump my bookmark basket and she has this horrified look on her face. She picks one up and says “I can’t take that to school!” I look down at the huge pile and realize she’s right these book marks are rated R! LOL! So we dig a little deeper to the ones that she and her brother made me and she chooses one of those still not what she wanted but not one that I will have to explain to the school at a later date! This book that Evernight shared with me did not need a book mark. I read the whole thing in one sitting! This had read on your lunch break written all over it.

Pretty Little Thing by Jenika Snow

Fiona isn’t alone in the woods.

When an unseen predator stalks her during one of her field expeditions, Fiona’s only hope is that a man named Landon, one that lives isolated high in the mountains and keeps to himself, will help her.

It isn’t until she is alone with Landon, safe for the time being in his cabin, that she realizes she has an undeniable sexual attraction to him. As she lets her inhibitions go and gives herself to him, she learns there is something deadly wrong with him, something that she has only read about in fables.

Has she just walked into her stalker's arms, or is she running from the only man who could save her life?


Like I said in the beginning you have to grab this for a quick fix on your lunch break. Things move fast and there is room for more details but I’m not gonna complain. I love getting my hands on these kind of books. If I’m have a rough day and want to unwind and read but I’m too tired or I want to recharge on my lunch break these are what I turn to and this is my favorite one so far. I see me re-reading this one and sharing it with my co workers.


I give this story 3 chocolate dipped strawberries and some “clean” bookmarks for my children!



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