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Humpday Hello Blogiversary style!

GO readers, it's your humpday, we gonna party like it's your humpday!  

You made it to DAY FOUR of our par-tay, are you still with us?? Of course you are!  Keep reading - we still have a lot of reviews, prizes and hopping to do!!!  

Today is dedicated to the fab folks at Secret Cravings Publishing and their rockin authors!  We have found some new favs from this group and we welcome them especially to the GI family. Enjoy a special humpday eyecandy treat....found it just for you guys!

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In the Heat of Passion, Lindzi Bell, Secret Cravings Publishing, August 2012

Taylor Gunn, a western writer is sent a letter to appear at her publisher’s office for a book signing. After ignoring the first one, under the circumstances CEO Blake Ryan failed to explain the secret behind Taylor Gunn. A campaign was set in motion to promote her new book and she had to be there.

Upon arrival Blake’s secretary was to meet Taylor at the airport and found what she was looking for didn’t exist. Taylor was not a man as Blake had said. Shocked at the discovery, Taylor’s future may be at risk with Foster Publishing.

Blake had managed to keep their secret quiet. He wanted her, if she left now he knew there would no sequel. He wasn’t going to close the chapter this time.


Lindzi Bell, you blew my mind!  What a tangled web you wove with this story about an author who likes women, a publisher who thinks she's a man, and a plan to market her work which goes awry once he discovers the truth.  Even better, he discovers the reclusive writer of fabulous wild west stories is attractive, smart and sexy as hell!  Not only does he want to keep her on his team, he wants to keep her in his life - if he can get her in his bed.

Taylor Gunn makes for a fabulous contemporary  romance heroine. She's strong, independent, smart and super cool - the kind of woman you'd want to be friends with.  Blake Ryan stumbles in the beginning but his turn around is something to watch.  Ms. Bell crafts characters and a storyline that pulls the reader in and holds'em captive page after tasty page.  Subtle humor, witty banter and truly complex characters take this contemporary romance to a top notch level!  

In the Heat of Passion, takes a page from Shakespeare with it's potentially madcap misunderstandings and makes a truly entertaining read. Even better is the author's ability to build a sexy tension that spans the entire book, from smolder to passionate burn, In the Heat of Passion takes the reader right along with Taylor and Blake with a realistic quality that has to be read to be appreciated!  The ever present question of will Blake manage to keep Taylor and how could people from such different world's make a go is what will keep the reading audience captive.

Full of frustrating moments, funny moments, sexy fan-your-face moments, In the Heat of Passion served up a dish of southern comfort. I can't wait for more stories from the fab Ms. Lindzi Bell and I know we can count of Secret Cravings Publishing to deliver more romance that sizzles on the page!

BUY LINK: Secret Cravings Publishing      B&

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.   This book was given to us by Secret Cravings Publishing. Many thanks.
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