Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Whip Maker

Bad-ass Bella is always on the defensive and sick of being burned by guys who run out on her after a month. When she’s given a Psychology assignment on the connection between pleasure and pain, she ends up doing research at Sexapalooza, smack in the middle of the BDSM section. She meets Darius, a sexy whip-maker who’s more than willing to give her a practicum on pain. Yet Darius has an unexpected soft side, and his particular method of inflicting pain produces highly unexpected—and highly pleasurable—results. He knows a bit about psychology himself, and he’s determined to convince Bella to let down her guard and let him into her life.

The Whip-Maker, Helena Harker, Secret Cravings Publishing, December 2012

Who says a short story cant be a satisfying treat? Certainly when it contains all the elements it's longer counterparts layer to create a captivating read. Helena Harker's The Whip-Maker delivers solid characters,  clever story and sexy tension in a tidy little erotic romance!

The premise of a fairly naive college girl writing a paper for her psych class keeps things realistic and believable. That she doesn't understand the fine edge between pleasure and pain provides the author with the opportunity to educate the reader as Bella learns from Darius, the Dom and custom whip maker.  A quick lesson in BDSM 101, complete with show and tell, gives Bella the ability to complete her assignment and tempts her into coming back for more "advanced learning"!

RATING:   Enjoyable, sexy read - perfect for a quick afternoon break or a fast bedtime tease.  I give the Whip Maker four chocolate dipped strawberries - and I'll take one of Darius's pink and black leather treats!  This book was provided by the publisher for an unbiased review. Many thanks!

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