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An Isolated Range by Andrew Grey

An Isolated Range, Andrew Grey, Dreamspinner Press
Range Series Book 5
Marty Green has two loves in life: horses and basketball. But suffering a stroke during his first college game throws a wrench in his plans. After months spent in the hospital, recuperating under the zealous care of his overprotective parents, Marty realizes he needs to be on his own, so when he’s offered a job at a ranch owned by his doctor's good friend, he takes it.

When veterinary assistant Quinn Knepper sees Marty for the first time, his heart nearly stops. He's smitten, and Marty appears interested though shy. There are just two problems: Quinn's father wants him to hide his sexuality from the world, and Marty’s Wyoming Senator father is a homophobe with no idea his son is gay—which Quinn learns when the senator proposes an amendment banning gay marriage.

Dealing with two unsupportive families is a heavy burden, but Quinn vows to make it work. Unfortunately, that may mean putting his life on hold while Marty overcomes his emotional isolation—unless, of course, Marty sacrifices his happiness to his father’s political ambition and ends the relationship before it gets started.

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I don't know about anyone else, but there are certain series for me that stay with me long after I read them. Character's that have an almost familial feel to them, imaginary places that become real in my mind. Maybe it's the hope that there are people in the world like Jefferson and places where people can love and live and be happy just they way they are, where acceptance is the norm.

Isolated Range was a great addition to this series, not only did we get to re-visit some old friends but we got to meet some new ones like Marty, Quinn and Pat.(Please tell me Pat is going to get a story) I also like how very topical Mr. Grey is with this book. He is very good at bringing a lot of the issues that can arise for same-sex couples when their relationship isn't recognized legally.

As you can probably guess I was NOT a fan of Marty's dad and I would have liked to have seen more interaction between them so we could see the transformation from hate to possible acceptance of a gay child. The struggle that Marty had with his own acceptance I thought was a great catalyst for the dialogue  that he later had to have with his parents.

There is sadness in this book because there is sadness in life but one thing that Mr. Grey does beautifully is leave you with a sense of hope. He does this by showing you that you have to work and sometimes fight for the things you want in life. Matry's recuperation was difficult and long just like his journey of acceptance and love, but in the end it's always worth it.

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RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.  This book was given to us by Dreamspinner Press. Many thanks.
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