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Hunky Day No. Nine @JackieNacht #REVIEW #HUNKYDAYS

Happiest of Holiday Wishes from our Guilty Indulgence family to you and yours! As the madness of the holiday season is upon us - we want to thank you for taking a break from your busy schedules to celebrate our Fourth Annual Happy Hunky Days with us.  After a year of ups and downs, isn't it great to take the time to foster those guilty indulgences that make it all just a little bit easier. Hopefully you will find a great read, possibly win some great prizes and definitely enjoy some ho-ho-hot eye candy!  May your days be filled with friends and family and, of course, fabulous reads to revive and relax!

Make sure you enter the rafflecopter contest daily!  Cheers!!

Sappy Pine Trees & Sticky Fingers, Jackie Nacht, Extasy Books
Holiday Jobs That Don't Suck #10
Tis the season—pine needles, sap and frozen limbs, yet these two can still feel the heat between them.

Three years ago, Grant left for school, but he didn’t leave without regret. An attraction to his friend Wyatt that he’d never pursued has haunted him these past years. Finally, while home for the holiday break, he has a second chance when he runs into none other than Wyatt himself.
Wyatt has always regretted the moment lost between him and Grant. When Grant starts working at Wyatt’s family Christmas tree farm, Wyatt can sense that the feelings between them have never dwindled in all the time that they were apart. A second chance is brought before them, but what will happen when Grant has to return to school?

I love, love, love these holiday nuggets of goodness from Jackie Nacht! They bring a smile to my face no matter the holiday they are associated with and I find myself wondering which holiday and what situation will she come up with next.

Wyatt and Grant are both hoping for a second chance at the one who got away and if a little sap gets in the way...the stickier the better!

These are quick sexy reads that will make you laugh and blush and are the perfect holiday non-caloric treat!

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.  

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