Wednesday, February 5, 2014

#Audiobook #REVIEW: Lethal Obsession @ShandraMillerWR

Lethal Obsession (Lethal Obsession #1) by Shandra Miller kept me guessing until the very last word.

Angela Martin is chief detective for the Moose Creek, N.C., police department, when a possible murder call
comes in. At the scene she finds the body of a woman, hanging from hands bound overhead, eyes blindfolded, mouth gagged. Red whip marks crisscross the woman’s buttocks, the back of her legs. She recognizes the scene, knows exactly what happened to the woman before she died, because Det. Angela Martin was bound and blindfolded, gagged and whipped exactly as this woman had been. By a man she met on line.

A killer. A master whose power over her is so strong she’s willing to risk everything – her career, even her life – to be with him again.

LETHAL OBSESSION is a novel of desire and domination, suspicion and fear, and the mysterious way those emotions mingle into an inescapable pull, one that might cost Angela her life.

REVIEW: When I hit the play button on my iPod, I wasn't expecting the story I got. The author ramped up an erotic story by adding in the suspenseful, thriller component.  I went from all kinds of hot to having chills running down my spine. Seriously, I think listening to this story being told must be even better than reading it because the story really came to life. Even now that I've finished, I'm still not sure who did it. The author keeps readers guessing until the very end... and then throws you for a loop with the very last sentence. Well done. I'm not sure how to classify this but if you enjoy erotica, bdsm, romantic suspense, thrillers of any kind, I'd bet on you enjoying this. And I definitely recommend it on audiobook.

My one complaint is the cover which doesn't fully paint the dynamics of the story. It's so much more than the cover reveals. And then I saw book two's cover and felt bad for book one. The next book's cover is way cooler. So, don't be tempted to judge a book by its cover.

Story RATING: 4 Strawberries  |  Narrator RATING: 4 Strawberries
Overall RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
This audiobook was given to us by the author. Many thanks.
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