Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Willing Hands by @Silvia_Violet #REVIEW

Wolves And Stallions And Bears Oh My!

Willing Hands, Silvia Violet
Wild R Farm #4
Will has a temper as wild as the bear he holds inside. Normally he’s an easy-going, caring guy, but if someone crosses him, he uses his claws and shifter strength to set them straight. His temper ruined his chance at the career he wanted, but now he’s working at Wild R Farm, enjoying the camaraderie and longing for more with one special man.

No one at the farm knows much about Ryan. He’s done time in prison and he carries scars that tell of something horrible in his past. When he gifts Will with one of his rare smiles, Will decides to do whatever it takes to get him to smile more often. Will is used to being a protector, and even when he learns Ryan’s dark secrets, he refuses to turn away. What he doesn’t realize is that he needs Ryan’s quiet strength as much as Ryan needs someone to show they care. Ryan’s past threatens to send him running, but Will and the rest of the crew of Wild R prove that no matter the danger, they take care of their own.

“You already see me. More than anyone else.”

Love this line and it is absolutely perfect for this couple.

Will has a bit of a temper and when you can change into a 400 lb bear not having control over it can cause all kinds of problems. He came to the Wild R Farm for a chance to start over but that will all be put to the test when he falls for the quite, withdrawn ranch hand.

Ryan has been at the Wild R for quite a while but still feels like an outsider. He has a past that he doesn't like to talk about, but that past is catching up to him and he either has to take a chance and ask for help or move on. Moving on is harder to accept now that Will has come to the farm.

The Wild R does what it does best when one of their own is threatened....the rally together to  protect what is theirs. Will's need to protect is exactly what Ryan needs, and Ryan helps Will control his wild side. Watching both men learn to trust made for a wonderful read.

Everyone is back in this fourth installment of the Wild R Farm series and of course I was thrilled to see my favorite Tristan is still saucy as ever. I have become a big fan of this series and the wonderful stories that the author creates. Her characters are real with their scars on display as well as their hearts.

So if you like you men a little on the wild and furry side be sure to add this series to your library!

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.  This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.

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