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Everyday Stories by @seanmichael09 @torquere #REVIEW #ULTIMATEINDULGENCE

Everyday Stories, Sean Michael , Torquere Press
Jarheads Shorts
This collection brings together nine Sean Michael short stories that follow the everyday lives of everyone’s favorite Jarheads: Rock, Rig and Dick. Whether working in the garden, fooling around with paint, or just plain fooling around, nobody loves like these two Marines and their Nurse.

All stories previously published by Torquere Press:
Re-Sounding Love
Boys at Play
Hot and Pink
Just Perfect
Loving Away the Grumps
One Lucky Fucking Redneck
Possessor and Possessed
Rig and the Gym Bunnies
Working Late

Let me start this review letting you know that the Jarheads have a special place in my heart. Three Day Passes was the first strictly M/M book that I read. Yes, I know it's number three and I read out of order, I have already come to terms with that. LOL This series actually brought a lot of first to my life and I will always be grateful to Sean Michael for these three hot sexy loving men.

This book is actually a collection of short stories, snippets from the guys life and they way they play and love together. You need to know going it that it is scorching with some of the best scenes of the guys coming together and doing what Sean Micheal writes best....sweaty, messy, holy hell hot SEX! All of the stories are set after the guys have moved to California and don't have to worry about DADT anymore. They are living their lives in the open and on their terms.

If you have not read one of the Jarhead books this would be a great sample of the world and the relationship that the author has created. Trust me once you have read this, the rest of the series will move to the top of your TBR list!

If you like your sex real, your men passionate and relationships built on a solid foundation then this is a series for you!

Torquere Press

RATING: 5 Oooey Gooey Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.  This book was given to us by Torquere Press. Many thanks.

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