Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm On The Green Team

Green Team by Richard Marcinko & John Weisman is not the typical storyline to be reviewed by us.  However, I thought I'd take a moment to step outside of our more typical books and bring in something tangentially related (Rated NC21 for violence & language by me). 

One of the authors, Richard Marcinko, is a former U.S. Navy Seal in real life and has a talent for writing and capturing the reader's spirit as an American and a patriot.  Green Team: Rogue WarriorThe main character, Dick, is not a pretty man (as witnessed on the cover of the book) but undoubtedly there is not another male on earth that has more testosterone the him.  He is truly the Rogue Warrior.  The Green Team (along with the other books he has co-authored) take you through battles that are off-the-books, unorthodox and ultimately right the wrongs inflicted upon American military men.  The writing itself is saturated with so much sarcasm and cynicism that you can't help but laugh, pause to breath and be filled with American pride before it is all over. 

While Dick lives and plays by his own rules, he is kind enough to outline them for the reader before getting started - lest you be confused by his approach.  The Ten Commandments of SPECWAR include:  * I am the War Lord and the wrathful God of Combat and I will always lead you from the front, not the rear.  *Thou hast not to like it - thou hast just to do it. *Thou shalt, in thy Warrior's Mind and Soul, always remember my ultimate and final Commandment:  There Are No Rules - Though Shalt Win at All Cost.  [to list just a few]  I always thought these rules might come in handy to live by in our business environment as well. 

Please note that there is no sex nor are there sexy characters to follow through this story.  However, there is enough violence, foul language and cynicism to touch your masculine side; even if that is not your dominant side.  In the end, Dick wins every time….so see, you get your "happily ever after" as well.

Reviewed by Liz... with a 5 chocolate dipped strawberry RATING.
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