Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Nobleman and the Spy

Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon make cravats and political intrigue not only sexy but exciting in their third collaboration. If you enjoyed their first two, then you can't go wrong with THE NOBLEMAN AND THE SPY!

Jonathon Reese first encounters Karl Erb-Pfalzgraf von und zu Neuschlosswold-Binder on opposite sides of a battlefield in the Crimea, but now his country wants him to spy on the royal. Jonathon never understood why the man spared his life that day but has thought of him often in the years that followed. The war is over and Jonathon cannot return to the small English village that he grew up in after everything he has seen and done, so he goes into a secret branch of the government where being alone and working in the shadows is exactly what is needed.

Jonathon is a man who has become accustomed to living on the fringe and doesn't trust easily. He was betrayed by his Captain and lover, and as a result, prefers to be alone.

Karl von Binder is a man torn between two countries; his mother is English and his father is the Count of Neuschlosswold. He has returned to England after having fought against her in the Crimean war and is therefore suspect. Karl's father would like him to use his time in England to further his political agenda, but Karl refuses, preferring to spend his time on holiday.

Karl is a man who has enjoyed life and lived it to the fullest except during his time on the battlefields. When a chance encounter with a man that he suspects has been following him leads to a revelation that he is the same man whose life he spared all those years ago, everything changes for them both.

It soon becomes apparent that someone is trying to kill Karl and Jonathan is determined to stay close to the man to keep it from happening. The two men are drawn closer and must learn to trust each other, while dealing with the intrigue and subterfuge that surrounds them.

I enjoyed this book for two reasons, the first is the historical information is informative and sets the tone for the book without being overbearing. The second is the development of the relationship between Karl and Jonathon, two very different men, one with an open and carefree attitude and one use to living alone. I felt the connection between the characters and thought the feelings they both had were believable. The mystery of who is trying to kill Karl was written with just the right amount of twists and turns to keep you reading to find the answer. With bombs and betrayals and some scorching hot love scenes, I think anyone who enjoys a well-written story will enjoy this book as much as I did. I give this book 4 chocolate dipped strawberries.
This book was originally reviewed for The Romance Reviews and can be found at this link:
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