Friday, December 2, 2011

Fresh Breath Friday

Friday has rolled around again and I'm feeling pretty festive. I can't believe it's already December 2nd. I have all my indoor and outdoor decorations up but I need to get a move on with the shopping part. I attempted to shop on line for a few items this morning but my anger management got the best of me. So I'll take a trip to the store. I also need to decide what I want to bake for Cookiepalooza. What is Cookiepalooza you ask? It's us girls getting together and each baking something different then sharing. We spend the day baking, talking and just hanging out. There is generally wine consumed at this event as well. All this talk about cookies is making my hungry so let me tell you about this weeks book....

This week we all read and reviewed Gena Showalter's Lord of the Vampires. I won't recap the whole story for you since it's been blogged about four times already. I'll just tell you my thoughts. I named this blog Fresh Breath Friday because I have never had someone construct toothbrushes out of twigs and mint so many times while trying to stay alive. I loved it! It made me giggle every time Jane did it. She gets bonus points for cleanliness. I'm generally not a fan of traveling between dimensions but this story was ok. They really don't go back and forth until towards the end. I also liked the twist that the queen and her daughters were the bad guys or shall I say bad girls. For the most part it's usually a male villain. I always enjoy a strong female character but I felt Jane was a little different. In a good way! She wasn't one to go to complete mush and fall in a man's arms and do whatever Nicolai asked. She asked her own questions and thought ahead of her actions. She also showed a high tolerance for pain. Considering Nicolai had his memory wiped he did an decent job of keeping her safe.

I give this book 3 chocolate dipped strawberries and a bottle of mouth wash. I feel you should be clean and look your best while trying to stay alive. Rock on Jane!
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