Saturday, January 7, 2012

Phases with Bronwyn Green

Summer Surrender, Sun Moon
Autumn Sacrifice, Blood Moon

AUTHOR: Bronwyn Green
PUBLISHER: Resplendence Publishing

So, I am sitting here after a long week at work, sipping my Vino Verde and thinking about the two short stories I read for Book Club this week.  Like Kim, I think the first week back after the holiday is tough and, unlike her, I did not get reading done over the holiday.  Darn!  Too much cooking and taking care of other people, which is why Book Club is so great because it is just for us; our guilty indulgence….so let’s indulge!

This week really worked out well for me because if we had to read a long book it would never have happened. Instead, I read two novellas by Bronwyn Green, Summer Surrender and Autumn Sacrifice which are all about the ménage. Yum.

Summer Surrender is a 74 page quick read about Hollis Chambers’ adventure teaching summer school in the wilds of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Page one has her witnessing her good friend, Maggie, and the two gorgeous men she lives with, kissing goodbye. Hollis is a bit embarrassed and excited at the same time.  Hollis ultimately falls into a ménage of her own with several co-workers who also happen to be shape shifters, giant Lynxes. There is a lot of sex and some really enjoyable banter-- especially by one of the characters, Josiah.  There is also an interesting element of Hollis’ own insecurity about her body.  She is not sure she is enticing enough for one lover much less two or three and the story does a good job of helping her deal with the insecurities most of  feel.  It was an easy enjoyable read, but not sure the whole shape shifting thing really added anything to the story other than the ability for members of the pack (is that even what you call a group of Lynxes?) to read each other’s minds.     

RATING: 3 chocolate dipped strawberries

The second story, Autumn Sacrifices, was more up my alley.  Perhaps, it is just that I have more of a thing for Wolves than Lynxes, but I think I also liked this novella even more because of the story.  Brenna Allen comes from a family of shifters, but neither she nor her horrible father has the gift.  Brenna leaves town because she cannot deal with her father’s clear disappointment that he has not sired a shifter and only returns for cousin’s wedding. When she returns she is reunited with the group of brothers she grew up hanging out with , including the hunky Caleb Mahingan who pays her quite a bit of attention.  Brenna and Caleb have a true connection and it actually seems pretty natural when Caleb’s hunky brothers join in on the fun.  The story was believable as a ménage, but also had a one-on-one romance between Brenna and Caleb who are mates on more than just a biological level.  

RATING: 4 chocolate dipped strawberries

These books were given to us by Resplendence Publishing. Many thanks.

Good luck to everyone getting back in the swing of things. Happy New Year!
Cat Devon

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