Friday, March 30, 2012

Feeling the Chill Friday!

You did it people! You survived the week - call it what you will: fantastic, frigid, formal, fabulous, frantic, freaky - it's Friday. TGIF! Kim has a mountain of things on her plate today with a Pampered Chef party, sports weekends and planning her spring tanning/exercising/home improvement projects so you'll have to suffer friday with me...c'est la vie! Take my advice - grab a frosty adult beverage, a good book and order pizza for the kiddos - it's weekend time. Indulge yourself!

Chill, Stephanie Rowe, Lovespell, February 2012


Alaskan bush pilot Luke Webber did not exist until eight years ago. His brutal history still haunts him, but no one will ever know who he used to be. It needs to stay that way, or more people will die.


Isabella Kopas is on the run, a bullet in her shoulder and a murderer on her tail. There's only one man who can help her, a man who has sworn he will never set foot in Isabella's world again.


The moment Isabella appears with her desperate brown eyes and courageous heart, Luke knows he can't walk away from this sensual stranger who has brought his past screaming back into his life. But to help her, he must risk everything, including his blackened soul, his heart and both their lives.

There are those books that seem to be written with a specific soundtrack that speaks to the writer - one that even the reader can hear. I don't know if Ms. Rowe likes the Fray or not, but it just seemed to run through my head as I read this intense romantic thriller (or maybe that was just my Pandora radio being ironic). Going beyond the usual story of boy (bush pilot) meets girl, boy loses girl, boy chucks it all to save girls - Chill spans the continent, hauling the reader on a intriguing cross country adventure that promises and delivers sexy romance along the way.

There is no denying that spontaneous combustion that occurs when Luke and Isabella meet. However, it is the skillfully crafted characters, dialogue and story that suck the reader in. Refreshingly, much of the angst and emotional turmoil belong to the hero, proving that even alpha males can suffer from the sins and betrayals of the past. Luke's return home to Boston, with it's affluence and urbanity prove diametrically opposite to the stark but harsh beauty of the Alaskan wilderness. It also provides the perfect backdrop for Rowe to explore the deconstruction of all Luke's pent up painful past. No easy journey, the fight this pair undergoes not only makes them stronger but their union that much sweeter.

Chill socks it to the reader straight from the start - murder, kidnapping, suspense, drama, intrigue - you name it. Oh, and a healthy dose of sexy tension between two strong but broken souls who somehow, some way, manage not only to find each other but save each other in the end, literally and figuratively.

The secondary characters are not as enjoyable in this second Alaskan Heat novel - perhaps because there was such a primary focus on Luke and Isa. The "bad guys" are really bad - not just crazy like the previous Alaskan Heat novel, Ice. The incorporation of the "history" of the jewelry provided a whole other layer and proves, once again, that Stephanie Rowe has imagination and the writing chops to back it up!

Catch it while there are still a few frosty nights left or save it for a cooling off when the weather gets too warm - either way, Chill guarantees a thrill ride with the promise of magic, the power of perseverance and the hope of happy ever afters.

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries and a tasteful martini to go with a gallery viewing somewhere around Beacon Hill....Hmmmmmm.

This book was given to us by the author for an unbiased review. Many thanks.
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