Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wanted: Undead or Alive by Kerrelyn Sparks

Wanted: Undead or Alive by Kerrelyn Sparks So…what if you haven’t read any other book in the Love at Stake series? Will you like it? Will you be totally lost? Will you get yelled at by Tyra? Well I did just that. I wanted to read Wanted Undead or Alive without going back to the first book to see what I thought. So many times you go to the book store and start looking for a new series. Yes, you may buy it on your Nook or Kindle but we all get ideas by just walking up and down the romance section and pulling books off the shelf. I am notorious for just picking a book out that looks good and not caring where it falls in the series. If I like the book and think the characters have potential, then I will go back to the first in the series. Without reading any other in the series, I am here to tell you that you will still love Sparks’ book and you won’t be totally lost. But…Tyra will be mad at you so don’t tell her! Like any series, if you read from the beginning you get all of the little things that are going on. You won’t understand the importance of the Lost Boys or what is going on at the Dragon Nest Academy. You learn enough so that it doesn’t take away from the main story and it makes you want to go back and read the others to see what you’re missing. Stand alone, I give Wanted: Undead or Alive 4 chocolate dipped strawberries.Mind you, that is only because I jumped in to read the last in the series. For the book itself, I have to say that Brynley is the one that I fall in love with. She stood up to your sh** of a father and left your home and pack. She doesn’t become bitter. She spends her time helping out the lost boys (that in itself is what has me going back to the beginning). She doesn’t just fall for Phinneas, she makes sure that it is love. She is a kick butt gal who never stops fighting for what she believes it. The story has it all- humor, romance, and a lot of action. Never having read a book in the series I wasn’t even sure that there would be a happy ever after. I laughed out loud and I am sure that I would have laughed more if I had background on the other characters. This is a must read series now for me and I am sure when I go back to the beginning my ratings will be up to 5 but that is what you get when you don’t read in order. I am dying to find out about the lost boys but no more jumping for me. How to Marry A Millionaire Vampire here I come. RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.
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