Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Humpday Hello - Get ready for Impact!

Greetings and Salutations Humpday Nation! What a glorious Memorial Day weekend - who ordered the bright blue skies, sun and fun? We sure did! It was awesome to have a three day weekend - although, truthfully by Monday afternoon I wasn't quite sure what to do with I flopped on the deck with a popsicle and a good book! Shocked, aren't you?

Belated salutes to all our troops: Past, present and future - we are truly humbled by the work you do! I'd post some hottie military eye candy in honor of, but I am saving it for our BIG July 4th Extravaganza....stay tuned! So, in honor of this weeks spanky cowboy goodness - I give you another dish of hot hunky bull ridin delight! Mmmmmmmm

Impact - Book 1, Buckin Bull Rider Series, Cassandra Carr, Ellora's Cave, February 2012

Professional bull rider Conner Raub hides a secret from the world. He’s a Dom. When he meets a submissive on tour who pulls at his Dom tendencies, he fights to deny his true self, believing his colleagues will condemn his lifestyle.

Jessica Talbot is new to the BDSM scene and the bull riding tour, but after seeing Conner come to the aid of a submissive being mistreated in a club, she sets out to have him for her own. After their first night together she asks him to train her to submit and he refuses, afraid to mix business with pleasure. But Jessica isn’t deterred. She’ll do whatever it takes to make him realize he can have it all—a career, true love, and the BDSM lifestyle he craves.

This week brings another new to me author with her wickedly delightful tale of a Dom in the closet....on a bull riding tour no less!  Creative, clever characters capture the reader quickly with the tease of a one night stand that seems destined either for complete disaster or possible true romance.  At times quirky and entertaining, at others sizzling off the page - Impact overall made for a genuinely enjoyable read.

Carried by a solid storyline, both well written and well edited, Impact seems poised for perfection.  It's one flaw also seems to be it's most interesting aspect: the concept of a reluctant Dom and a sub who definitely tops from the bottom.  Novice Jessica is truly fascinated with exploring her submissive sexuality and has the major hots for PBR Conner after seeing him rescue an abused sub in a Dallas BDSM club.  Connor wants to hide his Dom personality from all those on his tour, only reluctantly confiding in his best friend, Brady, when he gets emotionally tangled in knots over the hot pursuit of tour staffer Jessica that he is a Dom.  Connor's dream of having a full-time D/s lifestyle looses some plausibility - as if he can put it on hold for the duration of his career and then live it full time once he retires.  However jumbled their D/s relationship seems, their chemistry is undeniable and Carr can definitely write some steamy scenes to scramble the readers brains when the try to hard to figure out who's topping whom!

With several more tales to be told in this enticing series - Ms. Carr will absolutely capture a fan base of readers who like their alpha males hot and their heroines sassy!  Grab a copy and be prepared for one erotic Impact....on it's way to Collision (Book 2)!

RATING: Four Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries This book was given to us by the author for an unbiased review. Many thanks.

Cassandra Carr lives in Western New York with her husband, Inspiration, and her daughter, Too Cute for Words. When not writing she enjoys watching hockey and hanging out on Twitter. Her December 2011 release, Caught, was named Best BDSM Book 2011 by LoveRomancesCafe.

For more information about Cassandra, check out her website at, "like" her Facebook fan page at or follow her on Twitter at

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