Thursday, June 14, 2012

Forever Blue, Lissa Matthews

This third installment in the Blue Jeans and Hard Hat series is a touching emotional journey about love at first site and the courage it takes to give love a chance and put your heart on the line. 

Cort is the good friend of the men from the first two books in this series.  Unlike the other men he isn’t quite as sexually adventurous.  Like most men he has his fantasies but they aren’t nearly as extreme as the other two men this series features.  His only real experience with the wild side was due mainly to his one-night-stand five years ago with Blue.  Their connection was immediate and has tormented him for years.  He knew beyond a doubt that he had met the one and still five years later doesn’t understand why he woke up alone the next morning.  So when his friends ask him to take on a job at a local plantation he is shocked to find the women he thought he would never see again, but wished desperately to, standing in front of him. 

Blue has also been secretly in love with Cort since their chance encounter five years ago.  She never told a sole about their night together but deep in her soul she wishes she had had the courage to face him in the morning and see where their connection would lead.  Now that he is standing in front of her she can’t help but feel like fate has granted her a second chance to take what she lacked the courage to the first time.  But can Cort handle all her quirks when faced with them in the light of day?  Blue loves to be an exhibitionist.  She loves to be nude and doesn’t care who sees.  Cort immediately has to learn what it is deep down that drives his feelings.  Can he handle other men seeing her nude either in pictures or in person?  Or can he embrace that he has what they wish could?  Can they both learn to be secure that love is worth the risk and effort it takes to except each other’s differences and embrace what makes them each unique?

I agree with Rebecca that this is my favorite in the series.  Although a great sex scene is nice this story really focuses more on the emotional development of the characters with fewer sex scenes.  The fact that the characters had some back history made the story more rich and believable.  They seemed to have a genuine connection and Ms. Matthews ability to develop them throughout the story made for a captivating read making the eventual romantic scenes full of meaning and not just a quick lust filled romp.    This one will appeal to all readers and is an excellent addition to the series.

RATING:  Four chocolate dipped strawberries.
The story was given to use by Lissa Matthews.  Many thanks.

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