Sunday, October 5, 2014

AudioBook #REVIEW Racing For The Sun @Dreamspinners

Racing for the Sun

by Amy Lane (Goodreads Author) with Nick J. Russo (Narrator)

AUDIO TIME: 8 hrs 32 min

"I'll do anything." Staff Sergeant Jasper "Ace" Atchison takes one look at Private Sonny Daye and knows that every word on paper about him is pure, unadulterated bullshit. But Sonny is desperate, and although Ace isn't going to take him up on his offer of "anything", that doesn't mean he isn't tempted.

Instead, Ace takes Sonny under his wing, protecting him when they're in the service and making plans with him when they get out. Together, they're going to own a garage and build race cars and make their fortune hurtling faster than light across the desert. Together, they're going to rewrite the past, make Sonny Daye a whole and happy person, and put the ghosts in Ace's heart to rest.

But not even Sonny can build a car fast enough to escape the ghosts of the past. When Sonny's ghosts drive them down and run their plans off the road, Ace finds out exactly what he's made of. Maybe Sonny was the one to promise Ace anything, but there is nothing under the sun Ace won't do to keep Sonny safe from harm.

This is a compelling story, far from an easy light read. I've read Lane before but this book is my favorite so far. It was intense and angst-filled. Ace and Sonny are both struggling with their own issues while finding themselves so desperate for each other but not sure how to navigate the beginnings of a relationship that goes beyond friendship. Their emotional connection, so like dependence, is crazy intense as Ace brings Sonny alive again after his time in the service. And then there's the sexual chemistry that is off the charts hot!

Realistic in so many ways, the story is at time difficult to read. Ace and Sonny are of a low socio-economic status and stay ahead by operating a questionable auto repair shop while driving in illegal drag races for cash. A choice Ace made in the military is easily argued as unethical. Sonny never attended public school and has a lower understanding of common references. This makes him more charming to Ace, and possibly more so to readers too.  This isn’t an easy book to read - because of both its realism and intensity - but that's also what made it so great.

4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.
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